Queen Music Rocks!

I had the chance to play Queen music as part of my income as a musician, audio tech and producer. What a great time to be doing music for a living, I was lucky enough to get the Keys 3, effects etc, and percussion parts for Redcliffe Musical Theatre production of the Ben Elton’s stage show We Will Rock You. I’ve always loved the collection of songs that make up We Will Rock You so to be able to play the songs for the shows, approximately thirteen times each including rehearsals, was an absolute pleasure. The gear I used for the shows were all Roland products including my Juno-G and the SPD-SX. The Juno was used for synth’s and effects like the arpeggio in the bridge section of “I Want It All”. The SPD-SX was obviously (or not) on percussion duties but also contained samples of effects like the laser sound for “Flash”. For me, Roland gear has always been rock solid and I never have much of an issue with these instruments.

I also wore my Audio Tech hat for the show setting up the band I/O. We were running seven separate headphone mix’s using the Allen & Heath iLive-80 mixer with the iDR48. I was able to control all seven mix’s from behind the stage, where the band was set-up, using my MacBook Pro connected to the system via WIFI. We also had nearly twenty wireless headset microphones for the actors, which was lots of fun dealing with feedback issues, battery life and such. We all had a great time doing the show and was also a plus to have almost sold out the nine shows with awesome feedback from very responsive audiences. To get the chance to play Queen music for a living is a dream come true. Thank you to our most awesome band leader Lachy Stewart who made it an extra pleasure to be involved, I’ll remember this as a highlight of my career.

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